My most Frightening Dream

If dreams come true we would always live in Eutopia!

it was a cold winter evening and we were on relaxing in the drawing-room. I struggled up on the large so far that overlooked the garden. I was reading an interesting book on the culture and customs of Africa and kept glancing at the beautiful flowers blooming outside.
Suddenly, when I looked out, I saw something moving in the garden. The flowers look bigger, and as I kept studying in surprise, they seemed to smile at me. As a looked more intensely, I saw that they were actually the painted face of an African tribe. Yes, there is true about ten to twelve tribeswomen and their wave out to me.realising that they were calling me out, I jumped out of the sofa and ran out into the garden. having read a lot of African tribes, I knew from the tattoo on their shoulder, that they belong to Wasabi tribe. we greeted each other like a long lost friend and exchange news about each others country. the weather did not seem so cold now, in fact, it was quite hot they had come here to invite me for the celebration of the coronation of the new chief. I do not know how, but within minutes I was standing before the chief’s hut. do make of bamboo and mud, like other hurts, this one was much larger and more elaborately painted. At the single entrance, to huge elephants tusks like sentinels on the other side. The chief came out to greet. He was dressed in a bright long gown, and vo a crown of exotic feathers. The celebrations begin and we enjoyed a huge banquet. Their dancers began dancing and we join them too. It was a warrior dance and the tempo kept rising. Just as I was enjoying myself some of them court me and drag me towards a huge hot of boiling hot water. I struggle to get free but one of them kept gripping me hard. I open my eyes, which I hold shut tightly in fear. What a relief it was to see my mother, shaking me and trying to wake me up for dinner. I had got entangled in the guilt and the whole thing was just a dream.

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