India Of My Dream

Everyone in the world has a dream. One always makes plans about the future. I to dream of an India that is perfect.

It would be an India in which there would be no racism, communalism and regionalism. First of all, I would root out communalism, whatever its shape or form maybe. All such tendencies which fan the forces of separatism and destruction would be eliminated.
I want India to be scientifically advanced, technological better and agriculturally advance. I would like to build an India where logic and scientific ideas would prevail over blind faith and fanaticism. crude emotionalism and coarse sentimentalism would never rule. I would like to bring India to the effects of scientific and technological progress because the modern age is the age of science and information technology. every country which wants to prosper and progress must give two importance to science and information technology, otherwise, it cannot achieve a good standard of living for its citizens. The India of my dream would be an India that is self-sufficient in food. all the barren lands would be cultivated for achieving self-sufficiency in food grains. Agriculture would be given special attention because agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. Another green revolution would be brought about by launching intensive agricultural programmes and farmers would be asked to use better seeds and fertilizers as well as modern tools and implements.

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Next, I would like the country to be highly industrialized. this is the age of industrialisation and in this age, the country should be taken to the zenith of progress and prosperity.
I would also stand India’s defence. Defence and security of the country would be of paramount importance. Achieving this objective, the country would be equipped with the paraphernalia of modern defence because people worship military power in the present world. We have proved during the Kargil war that we are second to none but we would have to work order for military supremacy.
Elimination of ignorance and illiteracy would be my next priorities because these are bains of any society. People would be educated on a mass scale. Then, the system of democracy could be more pragmatic. individual liberty and freedom would be defined and granted in the letter as well as spirit.
Another thing, which I would like to see in the India of my dreams, would be the abridgement of the gab between the rich and the poor. National income would be distributed rationally among all section of the society. Provision of food, housing and clothing to one and all would be given top priority in the India of my dreams. For achieving and accomplishing this, socialism would be the one remedy which, if practice sincerely, would usher India into an era of economic equality.
If these measures are taken with utmost sincerity, India would soon be counted among the most powerful countries of the world and would also guide those countries that are still slaves of big powers. It would be an India that Rabindranath Tagore described in his lines:
“Where the mind is without fear and 
the head is held high, where knowledge is free 
where the world has not been broken up into fragments, by narrow domestic walls.”

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