Five things I love the most

This world is full of wonderful and lovely things. Man has been trying to mobilize the resources of his intellect for making various types of inventions and discoveries and endeavouring to make the things more lovely and worth enjoying. This process of beautifying the worldly things is a continuous process. There is no end to it. As there are many beautiful and lovely phenomena in this world, it becomes very difficult to pick and choose one out of them. Somehow, with the greatest care, I have selected five things that I love the most, some I already indulge in others I would like to adopt in the near future.
First of all, I have a great love for nature. The artificial and momentary pleasures of city life do not appeal to me. I am planning to settle in some village where I should be able to enjoy nature. I wish to blend in with nature as there is a lot to learn from God’s creations. She never deceives the person who loves her. Wordsworth, the great lover of nature has also acknowledged this fact in his poems. I am very anxious to go and enjoy steep hills, greenery of the open valleys, cool breeze and other natural sites. There I would find people who are quite different in nature from the city dwellers. The motto of their lives is- “Simple living and high thinking .” Thus  I would have the privilege of coming in contact with simple and straight forward people.
Secondly, I have decided to take up ‘teaching’ as my profession. I am deeply pained to learn that illiteracy is still widespread in India. For the successful functioning of a democracy, it is essential that we should reduce the level of illiteracy. I have a great love for this profession. I want every young man and woman to get an education. There is a dire need for spreading education to every nook and corner of the country. I hope that by opting for this profession, I would be serving the country in the best possible manner.
Thirdly, I have a keen desire to read fiction. Salman Rushdie, Charlie Dickens, Leo Tolstoy and J.K Rowling are some of my favourite authors.
 Novels widen the horizon of one’s knowledge. They give us an insight into the complex ways of this world. They tell us a lot about diverse cultures and human behaviour.

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Fourthly, I love my country. I can sacrifice everything just for the honour of my country. If someone were to ask me to go to a foreign land and serve there. I would reject the offer without any hesitation. I am very fond of the ways of my culture, the food, the sunshine,  home, friends, parents and other relatives. Even, if I were to go to a foreign country for some remunerative employment, I would never forget my duties towards my motherland as this is the land I was born in. I have grown in its motherly shadow. 
Last but not least, I love my sweet home. It has been rightly said, “East or West, home is the best.” I live in a small house that does not provide all the modern facilities but it is no less than paradise. Though most of my friends live in beautiful and large houses, leading a rich and luxurious ultra-modern life. 


The aforementioned five things are dearest to me.        

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