Essay on When The Last Bell Goes

Can one ever think of music that is sweeter than that of the last bell of the school? The whole school gets a thrill. It seems as if the gates of the prison have been opened and the inmates are lining up to leave it as soon as possible.

All the periods after the recess are full of boredom. The gloom reaches its height in the last period. Even the teachers are tired and wait for the bell. But for the students, every minute hangs heavily on their heads. They keep glancing at the watch. When there are only five minutes left, they start packing up. Their eyes are on the blackboard but their hands are busy packing up their bags. Their brains stop working and they are mere robots. The sound of the last bell fills them with sheer joy. One can hear their noises and shouts. Just like the bus passengers, everyone wants to come out first. The teachers try to control them at the staircase. They shout at them to line up. The students obey and forget the orders immediately afterwards. As soon as they reach the school compound, their chatter and gossip grow louder. It seems as if they were turning their back on the school forever. Within five minutes, the whole mad rush is over and the school wears a dreary look.

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