Essay on When I was Caught in The Rain Without An Umbrella

It was the month of May. The school had reopened after the annual results. I was promoted to a higher class and was very excited about it. My bag was full of new books. My uniform was brand new. I was walking briskly toward the school. Suddenly, there were dark clouds in the sky. They soon spread and covered the sun. Strong winds started blowing. I started running towards the school. I was hardly a hundred metres away when it started pouring very hard. I ran towards a tree and stood under it for some time but the rain did not stop. Soon, water drops started drenching me to the marrow. I tried to save my bag but to no avail. My shoes and socks were so full of water that I started feeling a numbness in my feet. At last, I took up the risk and started running towards the school. My shoes threw mud all over my back. When reached the school building, I took shelter in the porch. I immediately opened my bag and tried to rescue my books and notebooks. The cardboard wrapper of pastel chalks that were meant for the drawing period had got torn. The chalks had become pulp and their colour was splashed on my books and notebooks.

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I removed my shoes and socks and left them to dry. I looked awkward. My hair was unkempt and face wash bathed in raindrops. My mother told me that Lord Indra (the God of rain) had welcomed me on my first day to the school. Since then, never forget to take my umbrella along in the rainy season.

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