Essay on When I Missed The School Bus

It was on Sunday. I watched a late-night movie show on the TV which got over by 2 a.m. I retired to bed around 2.30 a.m. Next day was Monday and I had to go to my school. My mother had already prepared breakfast and when she came to call me for breakfast, she was surprised to see me sleeping soundly. She wakes me up with great difficulty. I got ready hastily and rushed to the bus stop. There were no students waiting there.
I realised at once that I have missed my school bus and now will have to reach the school by the local bus. The buses are overcrowded and some commuters were hanging on the footboard. It is very difficult to catch the rails inside an overcrowded bus. As the bus stopped I entered from the front door. The driver was nice. He did not object when I requested him to let me stand in a corner. The conductor asked me to buy the ticket. I passed on a ten-rupee note through another passenger and requested him to give the same to the conductor. This note passed from passenger to passenger and reached the bus-conductor. He sent the ticket and a five-rupee coin back in the same manner. At every stop. New passengers kept on entering the bus. I felt squashed into a comer.
At last, my stop came and I jerked myself out. The stop was at least half a kilometre away from my school. I ran as fast as possible but the school prayer had already started. I was made to stand among the latecomers. When I told my teacher honestly that I got late because of a late-night movie show, he excuses me for my honesty and allowed me to attend the classes. As had not even had my bath. I kept scratching myself and feel sleepy all the time during the school hours I learnt a bitter lesson and vowed never to stay up late again.

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