Essay on the street beggar

Beggars are the people who restore to begging for alms from other people. Beggars can be seen in various places. But the main areas of their operations are the places of pilgrimage and worship. They squat on the banks of the rivers, in front of temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras, and other places of hectic activity. They roam from street to street, from one locality to another begging for alms. Though they usually accept whatever is given to them, some beggars can get very irritating and aggressive.


Some people give alms to beggars in order to ward them off and not due to pity. Many beggars are so young and healthy that they do not deserve charity at all. The deserving cases are very few; those are crippled, lame, deaf, dumb, blind or handicapped and cannot earn their living. Some are in such a pathetic state as to evoke pity and compassion. Such crippled beggars are well versed in the art of singing religious songs. Some beggars have a very melodious voice. Their sweet voice attracts the passer-by. Such beggars are found in trains and buses and they enthral the travellers through their religious and devotional songs.


Sometimes, one comes across a deaf and dumb beggar, carrying another lame or blind beggar on his back and begging for alms. It is also usual to see a leper seated in a manually driven cart and carried from place to place. These beggars know human psyche and beg by touching the feelings of the people.


Most beggars thrive due to the generosity of soft-hearted people. These beggars never miss religious gatherings and festivals. Some wear only an Ioin-cloth. Some beggars besmear themselves with ash while others have long hair and carry a pair of tongs. Some meditate under trees. But many are cheats and charlatans. These beggars deceive the innocent people and at times even rob them.

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These beggars live on the earnings of others. It is a great shame that even a number of healthy person resort to begging. They are often involved with a criminal gang and wait for an opportunity to prey upon innocent victims. Government and many non-government organisations are working towards the betterment of beggar by helping the deserving one and punishing and employing, the lazy and cheats.


Street begging is really a bane for any society. Nowadays, people are not swayed by a religious feeling. Hence, beggars are not treated in the manner in which they hope to be treated. It is good so that future generations do not restore to begging.

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