Essay on The Day I Would Like to Forget

“I have learned that good-byes will always hurt,
pictures will never replace having been there,
memories good and bad will bring tears, and
words can never replace feelings.”
– -Anonymous
The above quote proves true to the hilt for me. 14 July 2006, was the unhappy day when my best friend ‘Shanky’ left for the US permanently, and this very day of separation with my best friend I would like to erase from my memory. Shanky, along with his whole family permanently left for the US because his father got a very good job with an American firm, based in California.
Though I have a great number of good friends Shanky was closest and dearest to me, hence I miss him a lot. We chat with each other almost every day, over the internet but the sheer feeling of his physical absence makes me low and sad. It’s been years that I have met Shanky and with each passing day, I miss him more.

Shanky and shared many of our hobbies and joke I taste. He would be the first person with whom I used to share any moment of happiness or distress. He multiplied my happiness and reduced my sorrows, a true friend indeed.

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I often get nostalgic remembering the cherished moments which I shared with Shanky. We used to play game after game of chess, for hours at a stretch. We shared, all our notes and often helped each other with school assignments and projects. He was a party to all my pranks which we planned at our secret hideout, the tree-house.
Shanky would always have the most important place in my life regardless of the great geographical and temporal distance between us. I still feel sad when I think back of 14th July 2006, the day Shanky left for the US and I really want to erase this most unfortunate day of my life, from my memories. I wish we had computer-like friend functions of ‘delete’ and ‘refresh’ in our brain, I would have definitely deleted this sad day from my memory.

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