Essay on The Day Before An Examination

The day before an examination is tensed in many ways. On this day, the examinees are in a different mood. Everyone is in a state of uncertainty as to what would be the questions in the examination. Everyone tries his/her best to prepare for the crucial hour.
The candidates for the examination put their heart and soul into studies. They prepare the curriculum well and give it many revisions. Preparing the questions, notes and points of important questions is the gruelling routine of all the examinees. Many reference books are read by the examinees in order to score good marks in the examination.
The parents of the examinees take extra care of them during examination days. Everyone wishes them success. Examinees are encouraged and helped by their relatives and friends.
Though studying up too late in the night before an exam is considered important but it may cause nervousness and tiredness and the examinee might end up not doing well in the exam. So, it is advisable to take proper rest before the day of examination.
Examinees who worry too much for their examination, look upon everything with contempt. They do not want to relax, all they want to do is study and study. Their minds become weary. For them, everything bears a sad look because they think about the examination only.
The examinees also prepare their paraphernalia before going for the examination. A couple of pens and tools for drawing and painting are put in order. When they go to sleep at night, they set the alarm so that they can get up early and revise their notes for the last time. 

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No one in this world likes to be examined. Even Christ said, “Do not put me to test.” No matter how
intelligent or well prepared, an examinee remains apprehensive.
A day before an examination is a day not of elevated spirits and delightful mood but a day of a disturbed mind. However, the students try to keep their thoughts focused.

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