Essay on The Choice Of A Profession

Everyone in this world has his own likes and dislikes. So is the case with choosing one’s profession. There are the host of good professions to choose from. As a child, everyone talks about becoming something which they like or which amuses them but choosing a career is a serious task. It is quite difficult to choose a profession.
The whole life of a person depends on his or her profession and so one must have an aim in life. Aimless life is like a ship without a rudder or like a letter without an address. Hence, there arises the necessity of choosing a profession.
Although I am not old enough to choose a profession, yet I would like to set my aim in mind to derive me for it. Thus, I have dreamt of becoming a doctor. A doctor, a healer, a time-honoured ancient profession. I have always been interested and fascinated in the field of study of biology or human science. The idea of being able to help people and relieve the physical and mental problems of the sick affects me, it is really a pious task I have always foreseen myself doing that I want to take up ‘medicine’ as my profession for the simple reason that I would like to ‘help’ people.

Medicine has many advantages over other professions. It is an ideal and noble profession in the sense that a doctor remains honest and hardworking in his profession. The doctor is a saviour for thousands and God for all. Doctors are able to make a difference, a real difference between life and death.

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A doctor’s life is hard. Often, he has to visit a patient during office hours, forgoing rest, sleep, and even food. Sometimes the doctor has to work day and night, attending to serious patients or victims of war, epidemic or major accident. A doctor always treats his patients with a smile and a cheer. He motivates and encourages sick persons. He is a source of hope and strength to his patients. Even if he is in distress his duty is first towards his patient. Doctors have to be charitable, dedicated, hardworking and friendly to their patients.
This hard life of a doctor is worth living, just a gesture of thanks from patients make doctors go on to live this hard life. Doctors are like soldiers on the battle frontier where they face death every hour and give it a tough fight and come out victorious from many such combats.
A doctor is true healer and philanthropist and looking forward to becoming the holy and honoured doctor. I know it would take a lot of hard work on my part to cherish this dream. I am ready to put in all the hard work and want to be a great doctor and serve poor and ailing people.

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