Essay on Our School Canteen

All the corridors of the school should lead to the canteen but unfortunately, it is in a corner of the school. It has a small window through which the canteen in-charge supplies us snacks, tea and a cold drink. Our principal has allowed a stall of ice cream in the canteen. There are two other counters for books, stationery and beverages. It is mostly the parents who visit the stationery counter. The students go there only under compulsion. Their most favourite spot is the ice-cream corner. The students flock around it and buy the ice creams that are available in different flavours. Their mouths water at the sight of ice cream and they want to break the queue to have it first. The second favourite counter is that of beverages. They wash down their lunches with some cold drink or a cup of tea. They sip it slowly so that it could last for the whole period. As the bottle starts showing its bottom, their speed also decreases. The gulp down the last drop with a heavy heart as if it was the end of their friendship with the bottle.

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The third counter, to attract a small crowd, is the place where the students get snacks. Toffees and
chocolates are in great demand. Some students buy patties, bread-pakora, slices or cakes. Some teachers also make a beeline for this counter. Everyone is in a hurry. There is a rule of “first come, first serve” but the students do not follow it. They always hand over money to the students who are nearer the counter and ask them to purchase the snacks for them.
As the recess period is over, they leave their Disneyland with a heavy heart. The students wend their way to the classrooms. One can see gloom writ large on their faces. They get ready to attend the last few periods. Canteen is indeed the most happening place of the school.

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