Essay on My Neighbour

Last Sunday, we shifted into a new government colony. This colony is inhabited by employees of the government. They belong to various departments and ministries. My next-door neighbours are very nice. One of them is a police inspector. He has a small family. His son is a college student. He is a very intelligent boy. He often tells me very interesting stories. The police the inspector is also very gentle. His habits and temperament are very fine. He considers himself to be the custodian of law and order. He never misuse his powers bus always helps others. His wife has a religious bent of mind. She also extends great co-operation and helps to all.

The house in front of ours belongs to the principal of a school. He is an old man, in his late 50’s and a thorough gentleman. Extremely well behaved, he is highly respected by the inhabitants of the locality. He helps the deserving students by admitting them in his school. He gives fee concessions to the needy and poor students. He has a medium-sized family of two sons and a daughter. They are of very helping nature. His daughter is my classmate. We go to school together. The principal loves me very much. Sometimes, he gives us very interesting lectures. I am proud to be in the company of such a well-educated family.

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The family that lives at the back of our house is a bad family. The members of this family need to learn a lot about good manners and polite behaviour. They do not possess the decorum of civilised people. The head of the family is an assistant with the central government. His behaviour is rude. He has quarrelled with many people over trivial things. His children are very naughty. They beat other younger children. Their mother is also a terrible lady. She often scolds her children. She is an uneducated lady and always creates hell in her house. Everyone in the locality dislikes her. Most of the people are not on talking terms with this family.
But a majority of my neighbours are my friends. They are social and of helping nature. I pass my time easily in their company. Sometimes neighbours are more helpful than relatives, often they are the first help available. We should always create an atmosphere of friendship among our neighbours. I am blessed to have such good neighbours.

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