Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation

A fortnight before the summer break, we stopped taking interest in studies. Each of us made an ambitious plan to visit someplace or the other. But man proposes and God disposes of. On the very first day, my mother slipped into the kitchen and broke her ankle. Her whole leg was plastered and she was advised bed rest for three weeks. I had to attend her. I gave my mother company, told her stories and tried to make her happy in every possible manner. My mother could not stand the moist air of the cooler and so I had to perspire with her. It was not easy to prepare her bed, serve her food and change her clothes. Whenever she was to be carried to the bathroom, I had to be very careful about the plaster on her leg.
Three weeks went by. We had to take her to the hospital to get the plaster removed. There was a long queue of patients and we had to wait for a very long time. It was a really trying time for all the patients in the hospital. The patients were moaning with pain. Some were being taken on the stretchers while others could walk only with great difficulty. The doctor told us that the plaster had to be renewed as the fracture had not healed completely.

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My friends wrote from Kashmir that they were having a nice time. My friends described the pleasant weather and their trekking experience from Pahalgam to Glacier. Though I would have loved to join them could not even think of leaving my mother in this situation. Thankfully my aunt arrived to help me out. When I think of the numerous times that mother took care of me, feel that no matter what I do it would be too little. Though I spent whole summer vacation taking care of my mother, I really don’t regret it because the feeling of seeing her hale and hearty again was very good to me. My mother promised to take me to a nice hill station in my next summer vacation.

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