Essay on an Indian Farmer

India as an agricultural country. Our prosperity depends on agricultural production. For achieving this the Indian farmer’s contribution is very vital. India, as a matter of fact, is a land of farmers. Nearly 75 percent of our population lives in the village.


An Indian farmer should be respected by everyone. It is he who produces grains and vegetables for the citizens of the country. Throughout the year, the Indian farmers remain busy in tilling the fields, sowing the seed and reaping the crops. Indeed, his is a very busy and hard life.


He gets up early in the morning. Then, he takes hs bulls and plough or tractor and goes to his fields. In the fields, he ploughs the land for hours together.


He works very hard but sells his products in the market at a very nominal price due to lack of proper market mechanism.

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He lives a very simple life. His clothes have a rural flair. He lives in a mud-house, though many farmers of Punjab, Haryana and UP have built Pucca houses as well. His property comprises of a few bulls, a plough-share and a few acres of land.


A farmer is the very soul of a nation. Our late minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri, gave slogan, “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.” He realised that an Indian farmer feeds the nation. Upon him depends the agriculture production, hence he must be provided with all the latest implements of farming. Better seeds, fertilizers, manures, implements and chemicals for agriculture can enable him to grow more.

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