Essay on A Scene In The Examination Hall

The scene in the examination hall can be described best either by the invigilators or by the examinees. The examinees have little time to stand and stare. If they look up, the invigilator looks at them with suspicious eyes. Time is too precious for one to look right and left.
When I entered the hall, I was a bundle of nerves. My whole body was trembling and perspiring. I was face to face with fate in the form of a question paper. Time moved very fast. The students took their seats. Some of them prayed to God for help. Others just kept looking right and left, waiting for the invigilators to deliver the
answer books.
The superintendent stood up and read out the instructions. We were also asked to search your pockets for any material that could be useful to us in the examination. I searched myself completely and found a letter in my rear pocket. My best friend Sam had sent me best wishes for the examination. I deposited it with the invigilator. The second bell rang and the question papers were distributed among the students. Everyone was feeling nervous. I read the question paper and found some questions that had been revised by me a day earlier. I prayed to God and started writing the answers.
The invigilator was suspicious of a boy, as the boy was looking here and there. Invigilator asked the peon to search the boy completely. The peon found many slips which had answers written on them, from the boy’s pocket. The boy was expelled from the school and was not allowed to give examinations. No mercy was shown to him, as the school authorities wanted other students to learn a lesson from all this.
There was some noise outside. The flying squad had come. The flying squad did a thorough check and caught four students using unfair means. Some of these students wept, cried and pleaded for mercy.
I heaved a sigh of relief when the examination time was over. I did not know how three hours flew by. The invigilator ordered us to stop writing. I had just finished the last question.
I thanked God that it was all over.

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