About Myself

Essay on My Neighbour

Last Sunday, we shifted into a new government colony. This colony is inhabited by employees of the government. They belong to various departments and ministries. My next-door neighbours are very nice. One of them is a police inspector. He has a small family. His son is a college student. He is a very intelligent boy. …

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Essay on A Happy Life

Everyone in this world craves for a happy life. It is difficult to define happiness as it is a state of the mind and it is subjective. Happiness is related to material glory and splendour by some. Some associate it with the health of a man while for some it lies in a sort of …

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My Hobby

The word “Hobby’ has been derived from ‘Hobby Horse,’ which is a stick fitted with a wooden horse and on which small children ride for their amusement. A hobby is a useful work that could be taken up during free time. Hobby means a useful work in which one takes interest and derives pleasure by …

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If I Win A Lottery!

If there were dreams to sell, What would you buy? If I win a lottery, I would buy a beautiful bungalow in a nice colony and lead a peaceful life. Buying a lottery ticket at least keeps our hopes alive of becoming rich overnight. Even if I don’t win anything, there is no harm in …

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If I Were A Millionaire

We often hear elderly people advising the young ones to forget the past, ignore the future and care for the present. But there is hardly anyone who has no ambition for a higher status than the present one. This constant struggle for a higher position sticks to man till the last day of his life. This …

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My Ambition in Life

People have dreams in their lives. Many aspire to be rich or become business tycoon Some persons dream of becoming leaders, politicians and social reformers. There are others who have a strong urge for becoming poets, writers and novelists while most of us generally have a desire of becoming engineers, doctors and scientists of great repute. There are …

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