A Visit To An Exhibition

I am very fond of visiting exhibitions. Exhibitions are of various types. But the exhibition which I saw a few months ago at Pragati Maidan, was the most impressive that I have seen so far. There were articles of various types on display. But mainly it was an exhibition of books, paintings, graphics and clay models. Almost all the halls of Pragati Maidan were full of the displayed articles.

As I entered the main gate, I saw a huge statue made of clay. This was a very grand statue. For me, it was really a piece of art. Then, I entered into one of the halls where books were displayed. There were books on almost all subjects. Books on science, technology and engineering were displayed in one of the corners.

The books on subjects like history, sociology, political science, economics and literature were displayed in the other corner. There were huge volumes on almost all the branches of science and humanity. The works of Shakespeare attracted a large crowd. Some of his works like Macbeth, Hamlet and Othello were selling like hotcakes. Leading publishers from across the world displayed their best titles and offered huge discounts on the same.

The hall in which clay models were displayed, was also a major attraction. The clay models included pitchers, kettles, glasses, dishes, saucers as well as figures of men and women. These clay models looked very beautiful. The children were delighted to see these toys of clay.

This exhibition increased my knowledge. I was really impressed to see the various exhibits. This exhibition continued for a fortnight. It attracted lakhs of visitors.

This was, as a matter of fact, an exhibition organised on an international scale. Many countries like the USA, Russia, England, Germany, France, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc. participated in this exhibition. They displayed their best abilities in the sciences and humanities. Some of their top artists and painters were also present during the exhibition. This exhibition has left an everlasting impression on my mind.

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