A Visit To A Hospital

A visit to a hospital is an experience in itself. Last summer, one of my friends met with an accident. He was admitted to the Safdarjung Hospital, where I paid him a visit. I took this opportunity to see the entire hospital.

As I entered the hospital, I saw people coming and going. I went to the enquiry office and enquired about the wards. First of all, I visited the general ward where my friend was admitted. He was quite better now as his wounds had healed. Then, I visited the surgical ward.

I saw patients lying silently on their beds. Some of the patients had their arms and legs bandaged and plastered. I also saw how a nurse and a doctor were attending to them. They were very sympathetic towards the patients. The doctor was directing the nurse to give them the necessary medicines. His way of talking was very consoling. A peaceful atmosphere prevailed in the whole ward.

Then I went to the medical ward. I saw some of the patients lying on their beds very pensively. From their faces, I guessed their pathetic plight. They all seemed to be disgusted with their diseases. In the meanwhile, the doctor took a round of that ward. A number of junior doctors were also accompanying him. The doctor was inquiring about the welfare of the patients individually

He listened very sympathetically to the agonies of the patients. He was also giving injections to some of the patients. To others, he gave doses of medicines or mixtures

Then, I turned towards the operation theatre. Outside the theatre, I saw patients awaiting an operation lying on stretchers. The corridor presented a sombre look.

   Some of the people, after recovering from their illness, were sitting in the lawns of the hospital. They were playing cards and chess. They were enjoying themselves on the grassy lawns while some of the people were going home after completely recovering from their illness. They were in a delightful mood.

The entire hospital presented a very gloomy look to me. The plight of the patients and the seriousness of the prevailing atmosphere touched me deeply. The behaviour of the doctors and nurses was worthy of commendation. They acted most wisely and ably while handling the problems of the patients. The patients, in turn, we’re also happy with their sympathetic behaviour.

Finally, I came out of hospital. There was a world of difference between the atmosphere that prevailed outside and inside the hospital.


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