A Visit To A Circus

Last month the famous Royal Circus came to our town. The proprietors of the circus got a big ground on rent just outside the town. This spot was covered with many canopies. Some were meant for the animals while others were for the workers and a huge tent was meant for the circus show.

As I went there, I saw huge gates painted with pictures of tigers, elephants and other animals. The entire place was glittering with lights. I entered the arena. There were many seats. All the seats were occupied. Men, women and children were anxiously waiting for the show to start. Soon, the show commenced The first item to be presented was gymnastics. This performance was given by girls. All the girls displayed a marvellous exchange of swings and tight-rope walking.

The second item was a dance by a troupe of girls. They all danced to the accompaniment of a band. This dance performance was highly appreciated by spectators.

Then came elephants. One elephant stood on its hind legs. Another elephant walked over a plank that was placed on the chest of a man while one of the elephants cycled around the arena.

Another item was that of lions and the lion-tamer. All the lions obeyed the commands of their human master. The item showing a lion and a lamb drinking water from the same tub was also shown.

The show came to an end at 10 p.m. It was a thrilling circus show. Almost all the spectators were pleased with this show. The memories of those scenes are still fresh in my mind.

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