A Street Hawker

A street hawker goes from one state to another and from one locality to another selling his ware. A street hawker is a common sight in all the Indian towns and villages.

A street hawker usually comes with a card or a basket full of goods, placed on his head. He carries a variety of things and eatables. Usually, in the morning Street hawkers come with vegetables and fruits in their baskets. They sell fresh fruits and vegetables and earn their livelihood.
Those people who live in villages and towns hear the call of the street hawkers early in the morning. He brings plenty of fruits and vegetables with him. Upon hearing his voice, people flock around him to buy fruits and vegetables. Sometimes Street hawkers have to face very odd customers who go on arguing about the prices of various commodities. Sometimes, they have to bow to the wishes of the customers by reducing their rates.
There are other Street hawkers who come on bicycles, loaded with clothes, utensils and other articles of daily need and consumption.
All these are, no doubt, tough jobs. a street hawker has to labour a lot in order to earn their living. His process is very mearge. He is generally a poor man. With a small income, it tries to make both ends meet. Normally, a street hawker has a cart with three or four wheels. Street hawkers have to carry their goods on their heads.

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the other Street hawkers mostly carry inexpensive things. by selling their complete stock, they are a very small amount of money.
On the whole, Street hawker’s condition is pitiable because he wanders all day to earn his mearge living. But, at least he tries to make an honest living and not begging or stealing. we should give due respect to the dignity of labour which a street hawker does.

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