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A Doctor

“Health is wealth”. This proverb still holds true to the hilt. One may have all the comforts and luxuries of life but it may all sim purposeless if one does not have sound health to enjoy them. One must be healthy physically and mentally. We undergo many health problems time and again. We need to …

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Essay on an Indian Juggler

India is a land of variety and is inhabited by all types of people. Jugglers are a very common sight in India. They provide us with amusement and fun. They are generally found in small towns and villages as well as art fairs. In big cities, we come across very few jugglers because people have …

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Essay on Our School Canteen

All the corridors of the school should lead to the canteen but unfortunately, it is in a corner of the school. It has a small window through which the canteen in-charge supplies us snacks, tea and a cold drink. Our principal has allowed a stall of ice cream in the canteen. There are two other …

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