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Essay on Students’ Unrest

One of the greatest problems that our country has been facing since the 1980s is the problem of growing Indiscipline among students. The unrest among students is confined not only to India but has become a global phenomenon. In India, students’ unrest has assumed alarming proportions. This, if not checked, would eat into the very …

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If I Were A Millionaire

We often hear elderly people advising the young ones to forget the past, ignore the future and care for the present. But there is hardly anyone who has no ambition for a higher status than the present one. This constant struggle for a higher position sticks to man till the last day of his life. This …

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My most Frightening Dream

If dreams come true we would always live in Eutopia! it was a cold winter evening and we were on relaxing in the drawing-room. I struggled up on the large so far that overlooked the garden. I was reading an interesting book on the culture and customs of Africa and kept glancing at the beautiful …

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Essay on Policeman

In every country, laws are necessary for the maintenance of peace. So, the laws ought to be observed by every citizen. But there are some elements in every society that do not pay any heed to the laws of the land.   The policeman is entrusted with the task of maintaining peace and harmony of …

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